We have warehousing facilities where consolidation operations are carried out aimed at realising the less-than-container-load line.

Contract Logistics


We have our own warehouse near Warsaw in Wypędy. The area of the warehouse covers 5,500 m2 and is 12 metres high, thanks to which it is able to accommodate, already in the first stage of expansion, more than 6,500 pallets. To increase the flexibility of our services we also have at our disposal the supporting warehouses located in Gdynia and Szczecin.

Additional services

As part of contract logistics, we guarantee cross-docking complementary reloading, copacking and co-manufacturing.


Stark Log has at its disposal an expanded fleet fulfilling the EURO 5 and EURO 6 norms with a 24-hour GPS vehicle monitoring system. Regular servicing of sets guarantees their very good technical condition and thus safety for goods and environment. In order to ensure full protection of the transported load, sets are equipped with a set of security belts and chains, full boarding, security beams, padlocks, customs lines, as well as pads and corners and a set of protective clothing for the driver.