What is LTL transport?

Less-than-truckload (LTL) transport involves the consolidation of goods from various consignors in one country sent to various recipients in other countries. Cargo is delivered to our warehouses, consolidated and shipped. Alternatively, milk run logistics may also be used where goods are loaded along the route of a given vehicle. In the case of LTL transport, the client pays only for the vehicle space used. LTL transport services are our core business especially in the Nordic countries.

Our offer

For clients who want to ship smaller quantities of goods, we offer our LTL lines. According to the client's needs, we carry out LTL shipments, both pallet and non-standard loads, both to and from specific European countries, on the basis of a domestic distribution network, cargo handling warehouses and a large vehicle fleet.

Cargo handling warehouses

We have warehousing facilities where we consolidate cargo for LTL transport. Our main warehouse is located in Wypędy near Warsaw. We also have auxiliary warehouses in Gdynia and Szczecin. As part of our warehousing services we offer the possibility of distribution, storage, reloading, repackaging of goods and other additional logistic services.